US MBA vs UK MBA: What’s the Difference?

US MBA vs UK MBA: What’s the Difference?

When contemplating the merits of US MBA vs UK MBA programs, prospective students may wonder exactly what their differences are. Both nations offer excellent degree programs. As work and education become increasingly digital, and the global economy continues to evolve, online international MBA programs are growing in popularity. Such programs help students gain a global perspective, keep tuition costs down, and increase their career flexibility.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Business Abroad in the UK via Online Courses?

According to the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), nearly 7 in 10 in UK business school graduates are international students. Of those, 11 percent will achieve an MBA.

As technology develops and the global marketplace continues to evolve and adapt in a pandemic-recovery world, online work and education will only become more commonplace. The popularity of the MBA across nations and continents speaks to an interconnected global economy that holds leadership, communication skills, and innovation as key priorities for success. 

Studying in the UK offers English-speaking professionals several unique advantages, including an international education with no language barriers. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits. 

Global Insights

As you contemplate a US vs UK MBA, consider the immediate international exposure online study brings via instructors and classes. An international online degree affords students a convenient, global perspective on business. American professionals who pursue an online UK MBA reap the benefits of an international educational institution without leaving home. Online students do not have to uproot their lives, families, and careers to get first-hand exposure to transnational business.

Global Networking

The perks of attending an international school don’t end with the institution itself. UK  business schools also attract a diverse population of international students, which exponentially increases the global interactions students experience during their degree programs.

58% of graduates from MBA programs in the United Kingdom are international students. Meanwhile, 36% of students who enroll in a full-time MBA in the United States are international students.

A diverse group of online colleagues empowers US students to broaden their networks, find global mentors, and forge international relationships through collaborative coursework.

Career Clarity

Studying abroad online affords insights into international business practices and perspectives. By valuing global perspective when considering a US or UK MBA, professionals prioritize seeing the strengths, nuances, and perspectives of various regions and cultures for themselves. 

What Are the Differences Between US vs UK MBA Online Degree Programs?

Despite many similarities, UK and US online degree programs also have distinct differences in flexibility, time investment, and expense. US News & World Report noted that US students are looking to Europe for their MBA. There, they find shorter programs that are more cost-effective and offer faster career growth.

Do US and UK MBA Programs Have Differing Requirements ?

Some MBA students may be able to go straight from undergraduate school to graduate school with no work experience. Or they may invest less time in their careers before jumping into pursuing their MBA.

Online MBA programs in the UK may be more flexible about requiring prior education or work experience. For students wishing to launch their careers quickly, a UK MBA online may make more sense. Alternatively, some may allow robust work experience to count toward admission, even without an undergraduate degree.

What Types of Degrees Are Offered for a US vs UK MBA?

US master’s degrees may be professional degrees or research degrees. Research degrees are great launching points for someone seeking their Ph.D.

UK master’s degrees include taught degrees (similar to undergraduate) and post-graduate (most independent study) diplomas. The UK also offers research-based master’s degrees.

If a student is looking for more rapid career advancement and considering a US vs UK MBA, a UK MBA generally requires less time. Graduate programs in Europe last about one to two years, whereas MBA programs in the US can last two or more. This decreased time in school often translates to decreased tuition.

What Is the Cost of an Online US vs UK MBA?

Cost is a considerable difference in many US vs UK MBA programs. European graduate programs tend to be cheaper than those in the US.

The cost of a business degree in the UK is usually significantly lower than a comparable degree in the US. The average is about £20,000 per year, or $24,700; many are even more affordable. Contrast that with the average cost in the US, about $60,000 for a two-year program. For both nations, the nature of an online MBA also removes the impediment of any living costs.

How Are UK Businesses Different?

The UK and the US have considerable overlap in the business world. Numerous mammoth US companies have headquarters or offices in the UK including Amazon, BP, Netflix, and Goldman Sachs.

Additionally, the UK and US do ample business with each other. The United States exported $58.98 billion worth of goods to the United Kingdom in 2020, and the United Kingdom exported $50.21 billion worth of goods to the United States in the same year. 

Many of the differences between US and UK businesses fall into the category of work culture. British workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holiday leave by law, while the US does not require companies to offer any paid holiday leave. American employers provide an average of 10 days per year of paid holiday leave, which 55% of US workers do not fully avail themselves of over the course of the year. 40% of UK workers don’t use up all of their paid holiday time, either, but the differences remain quite stark given the gap in time allowed. 

Salaries in the United States are often higher than those in the United Kingdom, while benefits like health care and parental leave are more substantial in the UK. Other differences include communication styles, meetings lengths, and approaches to discussing salaries. 

What Is the Job Market for a US vs UK MBA Graduate?

The job market is strong for MBA graduates across the globe, even with current global challenges. 

Forbes found that the UK and global hiring market has not stalled “by any means.” While some sectors are struggling, others, such as pharmaceutical and tech, are thriving and looking for new talent. 

89 percent of employers express an intention to hire MBA graduates in 2021. In the United States, the job outlook for business and financial occupations is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029, a higher rate than the average for all occupations. International MBA degree holders stand out in the eyes of recruiters for many of the largest US companies, which are international themselves. International schools give insights into the diverse global cultures within a company’s reach. 

Particularly during the pandemic and its aftermath, the skills that an online MBA affords in remote learning, networking, and consulting are in increasing demand. “Graduates who can demonstrate strong online communication skills and the ability to manage teams and projects remotely will be in high demand,” one Executive Director of Careers noted.

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