Earn an Online MBA in the UK and Go Global With Your Business

Earn an Online MBA in the UK and Go Global With Your Business
Earn an Online MBA in the UK and Go Global With Your Business

Earn an Online MBA in the UK and Go Global With Your Business

Earning an online MBA in the UK can be a great way to start or grow your business. It can also be a worthwhile career move to set yourself apart in the eyes of future employers. 

You’ll join an international program offering the knowledge, network, and skills needed to thrive in a globalized business world. Ultimately, an online MBA program in the UK offers several benefits that can take your career as a business entrepreneur or manager to the next level.

Acquire Diverse Perspectives with an Online MBA in the UK

Acquire Diverse Perspectives with an Online MBA in the UK

An online MBA program in the UK can help you understand the intricacies of the European and global marketplaces. You’ll develop an understanding of what makes certain businesses successful by looking beyond the domestic sphere. 

You’ll answer questions such as:

  • How do global businesses operate differently in order to secure consumers and procure necessary investors?
  • What unique barriers and challenges exist within certain markets in Europe and Asia?
  • What makes major European global companies like IKEA, Volkswagen, Adidas, Aston Martin and Michelin so successful?

You’ll dig into questions like these with like-minded business professionals and managers from all over the world. And you’ll learn from professors and mentors with international experience in marketing, strategy, business development, and more. You’ll become familiar with business perspectives and case studies to better equip you as an entrepreneur and manager.

For example, you might study how UK-based Fentimans, a botanical drinking business, successfully exported high-end mixers to 68 countries. You may dig into how Grayson Thermal Systems has developed product lines exclusively for the US market while experiencing double-digit growth for six straight years. In other words, you’ll learn how certain non-US-based companies have found success globally — giving you diverse business expertise.

With global knowledge, you might expand your business to new international markets. Or you may apply such knowledge to what you’re already doing domestically. Some of the most successful business leaders are those who combine elements from various knowledge areas.

Harvard Business Review  talks about how creativity among leaders can lead to success, notably with regard to innovation, stating:

“According to Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect ... innovation is more likely when people of different disciplines, backgrounds, and areas of expertise share their thinking.” 

An online MBA program in the UK lets you see how leaders and organizations abroad solve complex business problems. 

Gain Exposure to a Wider Network With an Online MBA in the UK

Gain Exposure to a Wider Network With an Online MBA in the UK

Another worthwhile benefit of earning your online MBA in the UK is building a professional network abroad. This is because an online MBA program in the UK attracts students from Europe, the Middle East, Canada, South Africa, and the US.

For example, Aston’s Online MBA program in the UK has a global alumni network of more than 90,000. By attending a program like this you are opening up doors of opportunity all over the globe. You’re acquiring a network of alumni with established professional roots in several countries.

It’s valuable to have professors, students and alumni already integrated into various markets in the UK, Europe and more. These relationships can be absolutely necessary when looking to expand your business internationally. They can connect you with skilled employees, necessary legal services and savvy professionals in your industry. They can help you navigate foreign regulatory barriers and difficulties. 

They can also connect you to additional human resources and capital. They may be able to introduce you to local marketing and ad agencies with a history of success. Or they may help you pitch foreign investors or secure governmental advocates. 

Even if you’re not looking to start or grow a business, an online MBA in the UK can boost your career prospects. You’ll form connections with professionals from organizations all over the world. This can be extremely valuable if you’re considering working for a global or international company after earning your MBA.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Global Contexts

Deepen Your Knowledge of Global Contexts with an Online MBA in the UK

An online MBA program in the UK offers you skills necessary for success in various global contexts. Some of these skills include:

  • Developing leadership skills to influence, manage and inspire a team of employees
  • Building a strong network with peers, mentors and professors with international experience and varied backgrounds
  • Understanding how to apply business principles in an ethical context, both domestically and globally
  • Developing strong communication skills 
  • Gaining knowledge of various markets, regulations, laws and customs for conducting business within international contexts
  • Acquiring a unique and diverse background in global business that can set you apart in the eyes of employers — both domestically and abroad

You’ll likely develop a more nuanced and robust understanding of the business world within the UK and Europe than you would in a domestic program. This is extremely valuable if you’re considering expanding your business to European markets. Such knowledge can position you for success as an international leader. Having a global network of peers serves to better understand regions and their customers. A Business News Daily article notes the importance of understanding culture and language for success in business.

“Josh Robinson, vice president of franchising and development for Pearle Vision – an optical franchise that has 500 locations throughout North America, including about 60 in Canada – said it is important to understand that there may be cultural and language differences within a country.”

He added, “...you also might need a local person's perspective to understand how the culture and even taste could affect the market for some consumer goods and services outside the U.S."

In a program specifically based in the UK, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of UK and European laws and regulations. You may choose to become familiar with Britain's multiple company types, from public limited (PLC) to Royal Charter (RC). By learning about the aspects of foreign business settings, you may be better equipped to expand your business.

Such knowledge can help you to:

  • determine whether your business’s products or services align with a certain foreign consumer demographic
  • offer guidance on a digital marketing strategy or sub-branding initiative
  • spot international business opportunities and challenges you would otherwise have missed

Of course, entering a foreign market requires a tremendous amount of market research, analysis and investment. But you can give yourself a head start by earning an online MBA in the UK.

Expand the Mission of Your Business

Expand the Mission of Your Business With an Online MBA in the UK

Most business entrepreneurs and leaders aren’t concerned with only making a profit. They often strongly believe in the value of the goods or services they are offering the public. They are passionate about the mission of their business. And by earning an online MBA in the UK you can expand your organization’s mission to help more people.

Depending on your niche, domestic competition comes into play. But while expanding to a foreign market has its own challenges, you may actually find new opportunities beyond your borders. You may find foreign success due to altered regulation, diminished competition or a more engaged consumer base. 

By enrolling in a program based in the UK, you’ll be better prepared to tap the British market. And this might be good news for your business. According to a Velocity Global article, there are many benefits to doing business in the UK. Some of these include:

  • The World Bank has rated the UK with one of the highest scores when it comes to ease of doing business
  • The UK has a massive pool of skilled employees 
  • The UK is one of the only places in Europe where the labor supply is estimated to increase over the next 15 years
  • The UK continues to make infrastructure improvements related to sustainability, energy, transportation, telecommunications and more

You may be looking to expand to the UK, Europe or beyond. You may be aiming to gain a competitive advantage domestically by expanding your global business knowledge. Or you may be looking to draw the attention of employers at organizations both domestically and abroad. Regardless of your career and business goals, an online MBA in the UK can help you achieve them. 

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Ready to Earn an Online MBA in the UK?

Aston’s program is specifically designed for working professionals with several years of managerial experience. It has been consistently ranked a top university for graduate employability. And the convenient and flexible online format lets you take the program from anywhere in the world. Aston University is among the elite 1 percent of business schools worldwide with triple accreditation from AACSB,EQUIS, and AMBA the leading accreditation bodies for business schools in the UK, US, and Europe.

As a student at Aston, you’ll develop skills in management, strategic thinking and organizational leadership through one-on-one mentorship, workshops and networking events. You'll build a custom management plan to foster career growth, develop networking tools and gain managerial expertise — allowing you to solve complex problems through hands-on experience. 

Relying on behavioral science, you'll also develop the skills to ethically and effectively manage, lead and influence others. Finally, you’ll join an internationally-known program with more than 90,000 alumni working and living all over the world. Since Aston is AMBA accredited, its students are eligible for a free AMBA membership, providing them with access to business schools and MBA employers throughout the world.

You also have global networking opportunities with corporate partners, online or in-person, opening up your career possibilities as well as access to world-class events and training. In other words, you'll graduate from the program with the "Aston Edge". 

Get an international edge on business with the Aston online MBA program in the UK.